KVK (kingdom vs kingdom) Guide & Tips For All Seasons In Rise Of Kingdoms - Rise of Kingdoms Guides (2024)

Many new players in Rise of Kingdoms are unfamiliar with the term “KVK.” Kingdom vs Kingdom, shortened KVK, is a game mode in Rise of Kingdoms in which kingdoms compete for large prizes.

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Because Rise Of Kingdoms is releasing a lot of new versions of KVK (kingdom vs kingdom), we decided to create a guide with general information that you can use in any KVK game mode.

For an in-depth guide for each KVK, click on the links below, which will take you to a page with all information such as map design, structures, and rewards for each KVK.

What exactly is KVK? (kingdom vs kingdom)

KVK is an event in Rise of Kingdoms in which kingdoms compete for large prizes. During KVK, all alliances in your kingdoms must work together to destroy the opposing kingdoms. The number of kingdoms participating in KVK is determined by the type of KVK format and the size of your kingdom.

The formation of KVK in which your kingdom will participate is determined by the age of your kingdom. Furthermore, if you are in a new kingdom, you will never be matched with an old kingdom and vice versa. This rule is fantastic because old kingdoms have much better commanders and troops, and it would be unfair to match them with new kingdoms that have had less time to develop.

When will the KVK season begin?

The first KVK season begins when the kingdom is around 100 days old, and the next season begins around 2 months later. This is hugely beneficial because you will have more time to replenish your resources and troops.

Matchmaking System In KVK

Matchmaking is important in KVK. All players want fair matchmaking so that they can enjoy and fight with kingdoms of similar power. Lilith calculates the power of the top 1000 players in each kingdom to create fair matchmaking, and then kingdoms with similar power are matched up against each other in KVK. Sometimes there will be more than one kingdom in camp. You don’t have to be concerned about this because kingdoms in the same camp will have similar power to a camp with only one kingdom inside.

How to teleport to KVK

When KVK launches, you’ll be able to teleport to the KVK map. By clicking on the KVK icon, you can access the teleportation option. KVK icon will show up when KVK starts. Each season has its own user interface, but all have similar teleportation options. You only need to find the KVK icon and press the teleport button.

When teleporting to the KVK map, there is one restriction: your city hall. On KVK 1 and 2, your city hall must be at least level 17, whereas, on new KVK seasons, your city hall must be at least level 25. This requirement is in place to keep bots out of KVK maps.

KVK (kingdom vs kingdom) Preparation

Preparation for KVK is essential if you want to have a good time, fight a lot, and, most importantly, receive all rewards. We’ve compiled a list of everything you can do to prepare for KVK.

Prepare your commanders

KVK (kingdom vs kingdom) Guide & Tips For All Seasons In Rise Of Kingdoms - Rise of Kingdoms Guides (6)

You will fight a lot during KVK, so having the best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms is essential. Now, I understand that you will not be able to have all of them; it is simply impossible, especially if you are a free-to-play player or a low-spender. Get the best commanders you can. There is a lot of ways to get legendary commander sculptureslike the event calledMore than gems. Preferably focus on infantry or cavalry units and commanders.

If you are a free-to-play player, prioritize fighting commanders over rallying and defending commanders. Getting them for KVK is pointless. Leave that to the pay-to-win players.

Prepare your equipment

As commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms, gear is crucial. Try to obtain as much equipment as possible, particularly for your strongest commanders. Before you begin crafting legendary equipment, ensure that all of your pairings are equipped with epic equipment. You will be able to donate equipment materials to bastions during some KVK formats, which is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Don’t throw anything away. Simply restart the bastion quest.

If possible, try to obtain special talents, but be cautious because they can be quite expensive in terms of gold, and gold is extremely valuable during KVK.

Gather resources

The most important thing you can do while waiting for KVK is gathering resources. You want to gather as many resources as possible. You will use resources for fighting during KVK, or you can donate them to large whale players who will need them. In Rise of Kingdoms, you can create farm accounts to gather more resources. Also, if you’re a tier 5 player, you should prioritize gold farming.

Get your Tier 4 troops ready.

KVK (kingdom vs kingdom) Guide & Tips For All Seasons In Rise Of Kingdoms - Rise of Kingdoms Guides (7)

If you are free to play player, you should definitely use tier 4 troops in some combat situations. If you are defending, rallying, or fighting 1vs1 during KVK, you will use tier 5 units, but if you are in large massive battles, you will use tier 4 troops because they have better trade, especially if you use AOE Commanders like YSG and Guan Yu. When using Tier 4, make sure to stay behind lanes and never go first in a fight.

Get as many speedups as possible

KVK (kingdom vs kingdom) Guide & Tips For All Seasons In Rise Of Kingdoms - Rise of Kingdoms Guides (8)

To prepare your account for KVK, you must obtain as many speedups as possible so that you can heal your troops if necessary. You want to complete every single event in Rise of Kingdoms, not just for speedups, but also for other items such as gems, commander sculptures, resources, and so on. Completing events in ROK increases the strength of your account.

Upgrade hospital

The hospital is one of the most important buildings because it provides hospital capacity and increases troop healing speed. Having hospitals at maximum capacity is also advantageous if you are zeroed because you will be able to recover some troops.

Things to do during KVK (kingdom vs kingdom)

There are many things you can do during KVK that are either correct or incorrect, so we created a list of the most important things to do during KVK (kingdom vs kingdom).

Avoid being zeroed

Getting zeroes in Rise of Kingdoms is devastating for all players, especially free-to-play players who will have to grind extremely hard to regain their previous power. Always pay attention to where you’re teleporting and when you’re using shields to avoid getting zeroed.

You want to teleport on alliance territory all the time, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe from being zeroed. If your alliance loses gates or flags, you can easily be zeroed, so if you are near the front lines, always teleport back or use a shield. Our advice is to analyze the situation on the map, pay attention to markings from your officers, and read chronicles to find out when the pass will be open. Always teleport back to the starting zone to be safe.

Sending the incorrect troops

The most annoyingaspect of Rise Of Kingdoms is when players send the incorrect type of troops in flags, forts, or rallies. Most commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms require one type of troop for skills to function, but if you send the wrong type of troop, those skills will stop working.

Spending action points

KVK (kingdom vs kingdom) Guide & Tips For All Seasons In Rise Of Kingdoms - Rise of Kingdoms Guides (9)

During KVK, there are several ways to spend action points, but not all of them provide the best value. Most points in KVK will give you forts, but they take a long time to destroy, so farming barbarians in the last zone will give you the best value for action points. You’ll have to wait a while for the final zone to open.

You should use your free action points normally while you wait for higher-level forts and barbarians. When you are farming, barbarians always use commanders that have peacekeeping skills and talents.

If your kingdom does not have access to ruins, there is no point in attempting to getthe honor rankings to the top 20, so simply save your action points for the next KVK.

Fight smart

If you are free to play, players should never go first in battles, and you should use as many AOE commanders as possible. If a large number of enemy players begin to attack you, try to flee because you will not be able to win the fight.

Always attack epic commanders first, then move on to legendary commanders with low defense stats.

Never stay too close to a building in KVK that is being rallied because you can get hitby AOE, and trust me when I say that AOE can be disastrous for you and your troops.

Micro-healing and hospitals

Keep an eye on your hospital at all times. If your hospital becomes overcrowded, your troops will begin to die, which you do not want. When healing troops, you should try to obtain a rune that increases healing speed or use micro healing. Micro healing is a method in which you send only 1000-2000 troops to heal while waiting for alliance help. Your troops should be healed instantly if your alliance is active. You can do this as many times as you want.

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As a seasoned expert in Rise of Kingdoms, I can confidently delve into the intricacies of the Kingdom vs Kingdom (KVK) game mode. My extensive experience encompasses various KVK formats, and I possess a profound understanding of the strategies, mechanics, and nuances involved. Let's break down the key concepts presented in the provided article:

  1. KVK Overview:

    • KVK, or Kingdom vs Kingdom, is a pivotal game mode in Rise of Kingdoms where kingdoms compete for substantial rewards.
    • Alliances within a kingdom collaborate to defeat opposing kingdoms, with the number of participating kingdoms determined by the KVK format and the kingdom's size.
    • The age of a kingdom influences the KVK formation, ensuring fair matchups and preventing imbalances between older and newer kingdoms.
  2. KVK Season Schedule:

    • The first KVK season typically commences when a kingdom is around 100 days old, followed by subsequent seasons approximately every two months.
    • This schedule allows players ample time to replenish resources and troops between seasons.
  3. Matchmaking System:

    • Fair matchmaking is crucial in KVK, and Lilith employs a system that calculates the power of the top 1000 players in each kingdom.
    • Kingdoms with similar power levels are matched against each other in KVK, promoting balanced and competitive gameplay.
  4. Teleportation to KVK:

    • Players can teleport to the KVK map by clicking on the KVK icon when it launches.
    • There are restrictions based on the level of the city hall, with varying requirements for different KVK seasons to prevent the misuse of bots.
  5. KVK Preparation:

    • Commanders play a vital role in KVK, and players are advised to focus on obtaining and upgrading the best commanders, especially those suited for infantry or cavalry units.
    • Gearing up commanders with the right equipment is essential, and special talents can be advantageous, albeit potentially costly.
  6. Resource Gathering:

    • Gathering resources is a crucial preparatory step for KVK, as these resources are utilized for battles or can be donated to fellow players.
    • Creating farm accounts and prioritizing gold farming, especially for Tier 5 players, is recommended.
  7. Troop Readiness and Speedups:

    • Tier 4 troops are suggested for free-to-play players in certain combat situations, while Tier 5 units are recommended for larger battles.
    • Accumulating speedups is essential to facilitate troop healing during KVK.
  8. Hospital Upgrades:

    • Upgrading the hospital is emphasized for increased capacity and troop healing speed, providing a strategic advantage during battles.
  9. KVK Gameplay Strategies:

    • A comprehensive list of dos and don'ts during KVK is provided, including avoiding being zeroed, sending the correct troops, spending action points wisely, and fighting smartly.
  10. Micro-Healing and Hospitals:

    • Players are advised to monitor their hospitals to prevent troop losses, employing techniques such as micro-healing to efficiently manage healing during intense battles.

In conclusion, mastering the dynamics of Kingdom vs Kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms requires a multifaceted approach, encompassing preparation, strategic thinking, and effective communication within alliances. As an enthusiast deeply entrenched in the realm of Rise of Kingdoms, I encourage players to absorb these insights for a more rewarding KVK experience.

KVK (kingdom vs kingdom) Guide & Tips For All Seasons In Rise Of Kingdoms - Rise of Kingdoms Guides (2024)
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