🤹Joint Anti-Corruption & Public Protection Campaign: JACAPP🎪 (2024)


Below is a copy of the final report as recently published on Facebook by an anonymous small team that are self-named, JACAPP. It’s a seven-page account of an ‘investigation’ they allegedly carried out.

My understanding is that their FB page and report have since been deleted, however it’s such a masterpiece of dark comedic genius that it deserves to be preserved.

Please accept this invitation to take a seat and immerse yourself in this am-dram experience in all it’s glory. A unique and one-off production. 🎭

🤹Joint Anti-Corruption & Public Protection Campaign: JACAPP🎪 (1)

With headsets at the ready, prepare to sit back and marvel at the creative yet extraordinarily disingenuous work and observe how continuing Establishment attempts to prop up false narratives have become increasingly lame, reeking of desperation.

As a brief introduction, a word on copyright to be transparent as to how this has been considered.


For clarity, no copyright infringement is intended and since the owner(s) are anonymous it hasn’t been possible to request permission in advance. However in the UK, the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 sets out a relevant list of exceptions to copyright infringement and ‘fair dealing for criticism, review or quotation is allowed for any type of copyright work.’

In my opinion, Peter Faulding could shed light on the originators that concocted this script seeing as there’s a clear giveaway that he’s acquainted with them and must have invited them to his residence on at least one occasion.

Why Peter Faulding? All to be revealed, a little patience please.😉

So, without further ado, here’s the unedited final report in all it’s glory! All credit and acknowledgement strictly remains with an elusive ‘L.Smith’ and friends. Criticism, review and quotation of the report to follow.

Final Report - JACAPP

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Fin (The End)


First thoughts

So, there we have it. The unobtainable L.Smith (noted as ‘Independent Specialist Investigator’ for JACAPP) “allocated people” and then they investigated with “investigators, analysts and legal experts.” 🤡

It’s hard to know where to start with this literary work. The Force is strong with this one.🤭

Could inspiration for this alias used have been derived from the two lead actors in the Leicestershire canal hoax of February 2024? Namely, family members K. Smith and M. Smith.

K…....L…....M……. Possibly, possibly not. Perhaps this latest team were also heavily invested in that scripted hoax and then without even necessarily being aware, the name of L.Smith by way of a suitable alias presenting itself to the conscious mind?

This outfit claim to have visited St. Michaels-on-Wyre on several occasions themselves, including the remote location itself along Rawcliffe Road where the show finale was set. There’s no reason to doubt this. It’s curious that they explicitly chose not to name the lead for that particular outdoors production, but instead refer to him in their report as:-

…the male who is well known in the area for finding bodies under mysterious circ*mstances.” [page 6] 🤦‍♂️

It was of course the enigmatic Jason Rothwell and his pal that were chosen for the scripted final scenes, seeing as he’s a consummate actor in his everyday life.

A critical review

Partly truth, partly fiction, but what else can it potentially reveal?

Why known to Peter Faulding?

The following statement was telling and a strong indication as to the whole purpose of their yarn.

We analysed Peter Fauldings sonar Data and statements as well as satellite imaging concerning 7 Feb at 10.34am and we found it was Highly Likely that the body of Nicola Jane Bulley was located approximately 70 metres from the bench……..” [page 3]

It’s a great shame no background was provided to explore what the ‘satellite imaging’ consists of in this context, but it leads me to assert this small team haven’t the first inkling as to how to distinguish factual evidence from pure fabrication. In my opinion there’s every possibility that one or more of those involved suffer from at least one form of clinical psychotic disorder.

Only very few trusted Establishment individuals from PF’s circle of trust have been granted access to his closely guarded files to assist in having prostrated themselves in their performance around the shambolic sonar image deception. Back in Dec 2023 it was clear to all that Luke Kelly and Deborah Davies had not compared notes on their respective preposterous renditions that may even have been deliberately absurd to mock their audience.

🤹Joint Anti-Corruption & Public Protection Campaign: JACAPP🎪 (9)

However, this was followed-up in the New Year with the polished act to sell the hoax by the more mainstream Establishment deceiver and fraud that is Laura Richards (aka Crime Analyst). She was deployed by the Establishment for this saga from the outset in 2023 to support the entire Nicola Bulley deception and cover-up.

An arch-manipulator and key protagonist for her Establishment masters in supporting twisted agendas and well-supported by dedicated sock puppets such as ‘Fahim Khalasi’ on X. The same tried-and-tested tactics of deceit ought to no longer need explanation.

🤹Joint Anti-Corruption & Public Protection Campaign: JACAPP🎪 (10)

Hell is empty and all the devils are here

- William Shakespeare (from The Tempest)

So as not to digress further, it can be concluded neither of the above trio had anything whatsoever to do with this work by the JACAPP ensemble. It’s also reasonable to conclude that PF must know and trust this anonymous line-up to have entrusted any aspect of his falsified data from 7th Feb 2023.

There’s excellent reason to have kept this data under wraps, as if the original were provided for independent scrutiny it’d be all the evidence necessary to expose the theatrics after the genuine searches had taken place in good faith. Such as those by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service for example.

The same applies to the Leicester (Aylestone Meadows Nature Reserve) shenanigans staged just two months ago.


We live in an inverted world. Audiences eagerly watch staged movie productions on Netflix or Amazon Prime where the acting is so compelling and believable, so life-like, yet still manage to not lose sight that it’s make-believe.

Yet, the same audiences fall for abysmal ham acting (from most of the cast not just PF) perceiving it to be real. With controlled mainstream media and a small ensemble of actors playing their roles as journalists, they can broadcast selected interviews, images and stories that enable them to weave fictional narratives together to confound fantasy with reality in this digital age.

Fictional narratives to create distraction, division and fuel fear while the bigger nefarious agendas continue to roll on without much resistance. The day-to-day fakery needs to be stopped, to be widely exposed in detail sufficient so that this key mechanism for population control by the Establishment is more widely understood.

In my opinion, to witness change, the minority of us that see the continuous fakery mustn’t fall into a trap and need to guard against allowing ourselves to be caught up in a continuous cycle of endless scripted events. To avoid being herded from one production to another, incredulous to watch that so many can be caught like a rabbit in the headlights, defenceless other than to be informed as to what false narratives they’re expected to believe. How this demographic are all easy pickings when the big, important lies roll out that demand unquestioning obedience and compliance.

Conservative Party - The Government

…murdered for having posed a threat of exposing senior members of the Conservative Party and their role in stealing billions of pounds in taxpayers monies during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic.” [page 7]

This is where the team had to tread a little carefully with their scripted ‘unanimous conclusion’ to not inadvertently remind anyone of the real connections that exist for want of scoring another own goal for the Establishment. That the existing Government is implicated is blindingly obvious, so there’s no meaningful disclosure in that respect. The Conservative Party have been in power since the May 2010 general election, first within a coalition government until they became the single-party government from May 2015 general election onwards. That’s just how it is, not a political point, just reality.

But the ‘Covid-19 Pandemic’?😂 Leaving aside there having never been a pandemic, rather one of the greatest psyops of all time, the Conservative Party spent £25.7 billion on the ‘Test and Trace programme’ as at June 2022 (source: National Audit Office), with a Parliamentary Committee confirming that £4 billion of unusable PPE bought was to be burnt the same month.

An easy £30 billion right there. For those that pull the levers in the background, mainstream media were gainfully employed to protect government lackeys and draw the crowd’s focus away from wholesale money-laundering and corruption to other burning issues that could be more readily contained.

Such as Partygate 🥳, the booze-fuelled parties and gatherings that went on throughout this period while the population were directed to perform their ‘hands, face, space’ comedy routines. It’s good to pay attention, as there’s always a sting in the tail and it’s never too late to learn. Until it is.

🤹Joint Anti-Corruption & Public Protection Campaign: JACAPP🎪 (11)

After stage managing the requisite amount of public outrage to do with cake and such-like, with the bread and circuses crowd being allowed to vent and let off steam, the scene was reset for business as normal that saw a switcheroo to enable the Establishment to continue with their (long-planned) goals.

The billions stolen as part of the plandemic program will likely turn out to be small change compared to the theatre of war. 🤑What a seamless transition it was.🎪

🤹Joint Anti-Corruption & Public Protection Campaign: JACAPP🎪 (12)

This new phase has seen £12 billion pledged to Ukraine (by UK) since Feb 2022 as a warm-up, before having moved purposefully onto steadfast support for genocide in Gaza, where half the population of which are children. The current reported rhetoric such as ‘frantic diplomatic efforts to stop WW3’ brings us to the more delicate part of the overall directed and managed process which, though essential as part of the next great Establishment crisis initiative, evidently comes with sizeable risks. A black swan event incoming.

🤹Joint Anti-Corruption & Public Protection Campaign: JACAPP🎪 (13)

Getting back down to brass tacks, the plandemic could safely be used as a ridiculous subject in their report given a non-existent link at every level to the staged theatre that cast Nicola Bulley as their main star - theatre that involved tragic consequences for herself and those closest to her, especially her daughters.

However, what about the above-mentioned theatre of war with the UK and US joined at the hip? The social media branch of Establishment disinformation and misinformation campaigns have been directed by (anonymous) U.S. agents after all.

Interestingly, in addition to the selected venue being at the heart of Ben Wallace MP’s constituency, he held one of the most senior Cabinet minister posts as the country’s Secretary of State for Defence for a little over four years. He stood down from this role on 31st Aug 2023.

🤹Joint Anti-Corruption & Public Protection Campaign: JACAPP🎪 (14)

It’s astounding that there hasn’t been a campaign by some of his constituents in the northwest of England to hold his feet to the fire, to provide the sort of pressure to make plausible deniability impossible.

Finally, the local village primary school and a great many of the individuals directly involved in the staging of Nikki Bulley’s disappearance have clear connections to BAE Systems that must place the most ardent of ‘coincidence theorists’ at risk of experience cognitive dissonance.

It may already be possible to sense JACAPP’s ‘inhale-exhale’ screams of anguish around about now? Was this perhaps a reason why they may have been instructed to put their shovels down and stop digging, to remove a ‘report’ that does nothing other than further reinforce the underlying truth of events. That’s enough for now.

Wrap Up

“The nonsense of the past is no more because we’re stopping it right now. We’re standing up. We don’t have to live like this anymore.”

- Wim Hof (aka ‘The Iceman’)

No ice bath or any other form of cold therapy for that matter for myself, but all the same I have the utmost respect for Wim Hof beyond his remarkable feats. He shares a clear message with anyone that cares to listen of the basic premise that people are stronger than they think they are.

It’s not normal to allow children to become addicted to the latest technology device before they can even speak, to ingrain into them a short time after birth the role as an empty vessel dependent on warped conditioning and programming that the upper echelons of dysfunctional Establishment organisations control.

While it didn’t start with the British Tavistock Institute, a think tank that together with U.S. research institutes that seemingly haven’t had any purpose other than to unleash psychological warfare of abuse to subjugate Western civilisation, the damage inflicted is immense.

While there’s increasing realisation to the pervasive warped conditioning being managed through a connected network of affiliates, taking action to dismantle the entire program continues to need better joined-up thinking. It requires more individuals to get up off their knees, to have their voice heard, to join with one of any number of (genuine) initiatives that campaign for truth to be heard and for justice to be done. While at the same time being acutely aware of false groups that are purposefully created to dilute the effectiveness of meaningful resistance.

This is nothing new of course and it’s always been the case. However, it’s decidedly well past time to grasp the nettle.

Post comments have been re-enabled.

Thanks for reading🙏

🤹Joint Anti-Corruption & Public Protection Campaign: JACAPP🎪 (2024)
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