John Wick: Chapters 1-4 Blu-ray Collection Is 52% Off (2024)

The John Wick: Chapter 1-4 Blu-ray box set is down to its lowest price yet.

By Sean Fallon


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John Wick: Chapters 1-4 Blu-ray Collection Is 52% Off (1)

If you enjoy the John Wick franchise from Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski, but you're tired of the streaming merry-go-round that it seems to be on, you can eliminate the problem with this Blu-ray box set that includes Chapters 1-4. In addition to four amazing films on Blu-ray/Digital, the box set includes 7 pieces of interchangeable cover art and 4 art cards. It is available here on Amazon for only $21.33 after a $6.98 coupon, which sets an all-time low price that narrowly beats out the deal that it had this past Black Friday. Grab it while you can because the coupon bonus probably won't last long.

What's more, the original score for John Wick Chapter 4 from Tyler Bates and Joel J. Richard is now available to order here on Amazon on vinyl for $31.13. Note that the 2LP set also comes with a free MP3 version that can be downloaded from Amazon.

John Wick: Chapters 1-4 Blu-ray Collection Is 52% Off (2)

According to Hi-Def Digest, the special features on the Blu-ray edition are as follows:


  • Audio Commentary by Filmmakers Chad Stahelski and David Leitch
  • Don't F*#% With John Wick (approx 16 mins.)
  • Calling In The Cavalry (approx 13 mins.)
  • Destiny of a Collective (approx 6 mins.)
  • Assassin's Code (approx 5 mins.)
  • Red Circle (approx 7 mins.)
  • NYC Noir (approx 6 mins.)
  • Theatrical Trailer


  • Audio Commentary by Keanu Reeves and Director Chad Stahelski (feature length)
  • Deleted Scenes
  • RetroWick: Exploring the Unexpected SuccessJohn Wick
  • Training John Wick
  • WICK-vizzed
  • Friends, Confidantes: The Keanu/Chad Partnership
  • As Above, So Below: The Underworld ofJohn Wick
  • Car Fu Ride-Along
  • Chamber Check: Evolution Of A Fight Scene (10 mins.)
  • Wick's Toolbox
  • Kill Count
  • Dog WickShort


  • Parabellum: Legacy of the High Table (10:52)
  • Excommunicado (9:59)
  • Check Your Sights (9:49)
  • Saddle Up Wick (5:06)
  • Bikes, Blades, Bridges, and Bits (7 mins.)
  • Continental in the Desert (10:10)
  • Dog Fu (7:55)
  • House of Transparency (7:04)
  • Shot by Shot (8:49)
  • Theatrical Trailer #1 (2:18)
  • Theatrical Trailer #2 (2:31)
  • John Wick HexGame Trailer (1:02)
  • Behind the Scenes ofJohn Wick Hex(6:52)


  • Chad and Keanu: Through Wick and Thin (6 mins.)
  • Train Like a Killer (6 mins.)
  • Making A Killing (6 mins.)
  • The Psychology of a Killer (4 mins.)
  • The Blind Leading the Fight (9 mins.)
  • Suit Up / Shoot Up (6 mins.)
  • Packing a Punch (5 mins.)
  • One Killer Shot (3 mins.)
  • Killing at the Speed of Traffic (10 mins.)
  • A Shot in the Dark (6 mins.)
  • In Honor of the Dead (5 mins.)
  • Theatrical Trailer 1 (2:39)
  • Theatrical Trailer 2 (1:30)
John Wick: Chapters 1-4 Blu-ray Collection Is 52% Off (3)

If all you need is John Wick: Chapter 4, you have several options, though many of the exclusives were sold out at the time of writing. All of the details you need can be found below, including special features.

Walmart has revealed that their exclusive 4K UHD edition includes a Marquis pin, 6 collector cards, a custom map of Paris, hotel key card and themed folder from the Osaka Continental Japan, and a Comic-Con poster in aset that is listed herefor $39.96. Walmart also has aBlu-ray SteelBook edition with a fantastic design that was originally available herefor $24.96 (includes character cards).

John Wick: Chapters 1-4 Blu-ray Collection Is 52% Off (4)

The Amazon editionincludes a bonus disc with 20 minutes of exclusive content in addition to the alternate cover pictured above. The description for this content is as follows:

"Over four films, the John Wick universe has expanded from a story of a man trying to avenge his dog to a massive world full of international intrigue and assassins. In this 20 minute exclusive, learn about the massive creative process that brings forth the many new locations and players that enter into the fray. Director Chad Stahelski joins Cast and Crew to guide fans through his creative process and tribulations that have culminated in this epic fourth installment. From the high rises of Osaka, to the chateaus of France, allies and enemies alike characterize this one of a kind cinematic experience. We meet Wick's ally Akira, played by legendary J-pop star Rina Sawayama, and discover the extensive training she had to go through to bring this unique character to life. Then, the foes of Wick, like Bill Skarsgard's Marquis, set killer obstacles and an unforgettable final duel." At the time of writing you can order the Amazon version here for $42.99.

John Wick: Chapters 1-4 Blu-ray Collection Is 52% Off (5)

The 4K Blu-ray SteelBook edition of John Wick: Chapter 4 is a Best Buy exclusive thatwas originally available here for $31.99. It features artwork of John Wick and Caine in blood red.

Finally, you pre-order theTarget exclusive Blu-ray herefor $22.99 with the dog-focused cover that they have released for previous installments. If you aren't interested in the physical edition extras, you can pre-order the standard John Wick: Chapter 4 Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital editions here on Amazon.

Special Features:

  • Chad and Keanu: Through Wick and Thin: Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeves have a partnership that stretches all the way back to the firstMatrixfilm. In this retrospective piece, we trace their remarkable friendship and decades-long collaboration.
  • Train Like a Killer: Weapons Master Robert "Rock" Galotti and Keanu Reeves reveal the rigorous training that Keanu had to endure to makeJohn Wick: Chapter4 a reality -- from gunplay, to jiu jitsu, to some hard-hitting stunt work.
  • Making A Killing: InJohn Wick, sets are not merely the backdrop for each scene -- they are integral parts of the action, with Wick often using whatever is on hand to take the fight to his enemies. Here we explore the craft at play in designing the sets ofJohn Wick: Chapter 4and the ways set design and action choreography go hand in hand in this legendary series.
  • The Psychology of a Killer: Chad Stahelski explores the psychology of John Wick, a character who, despite four films, is still a mystery in many ways. We unpack the complicated code of ethics that Wick lives by, and the ironic bonds he shares with the men trying to kill him.
  • The Blind Leading the Fight:John Wick: Chapter 4witnesses the arrival of Caine, a blind killer played by legendary actor and martial artist Donnie Yen. With a style not seen sinceThe Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi, Caine shows that a killer's greatest instincts come not from his eyes, but from his mind. Here we uncover Yen's journey on this film, exploring his prep for the role, his insight into the character, and his intense training regimen to portray this unlikely killer.
  • Suit Up / Shoot Up: Costume Designer Paco Delgado uncovers the cooler-than-cool suits worn by the assassins ofJohn Wickthat feature bulletproof lining -- just what every killer needs for a night out on the town. We also explore the more refined looks of the Marquis and the Old West-inspired garb of the Tracker.
  • Packing a Punch: Pulling off a kill takes a village. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the way Team Wick incorporates special effects into the practical stunts and locations of the film.
  • One Killer Shot:John Wick: Chapter 4features one of the boldest single-take shots ever attempted in action filmmaking. Fight Choreographers Jeremy Marinas and Laurent Demianoff team up with Stunt Coordinator Scott Rogers to dive into the creative challenges that went into planning this one-shot sequence that sees John Wick take on Paris's deadliest killers.
  • Killing at the Speed of Traffic: Take a look at a nonstop action sequence featuring John Wick's car-fu at the Arc de Triomphe! The driving force of this piece will be a look at the effects achieved at the iconic location, and sets the stakes of every assassin in Paris descending on Wick.
  • A Shot in the Dark: TheJohn Wickseries takes audiences into a world that is both thematically and visually dark. For film crews, that meant enduring hundreds of night shoots, with crews switching to a virtually nocturnal mode of life for long stretches of production. Here we explore the tenacious work of cast and crew members who tough it out night after night in pursuit ofWick's dark, iconic aesthetic. Along the way, we explore some of the most iconic night scenes in the film, culminating withWick's brutal staircase fight.
  • In Honor of the Dead: In creatingJohn Wick: Chapter 4, Chad Stahelski drew on references from some of the greatest films ever made. Uncover the cinematic homages depicted in the film, from David Lean to John Woo, to the samurai epics of post-war Japan.
  • Theatrical Trailer 1
  • Theatrical Trailer 2

With the price on his head ever increasing, legendary hit manJohn Wicktakes his fight against the High Table global as he seeks out the most powerful players in the underworld, from New York to Paris to Japan to Berlin.

Chad Stahelski directedJohn Wick: Chapter 4from a screenplay written by Shay Hatten and Michael Finch. The film starsKeanu Reeves, Donnie Yen, Bill Skarsgård, Laurence Fishburne, Hiroyuki Sanada, Shamier Anderson, Lance Reddick, Rina Sawayama, Scott Adkins, and Ian McShane.



John Wick: Chapters 1-4 Blu-ray Collection Is 52% Off (2024)
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