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20 THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 1938 Cave-in-Rock Mrs. Otis Brittain, who was very ill at the Frayser Hotel all last week, was taken on Friday afternoon to the Rosiclare hospital. She is reported to be in a very critical condition. Harold Patton, manager of the Cave-in-Rock fish market recently fell into the river while crossing the board laid from the bank to his boat. One of his legs was very seriously cut on a rock.

He has' been confined to his bed part of the time since, and while he is able to walk a little with the use of crutches, he is still unable to resume his ruties at the market. The Rev Jerry Paddock, Evansville, conducted a service at the church at Levee Pond Monday night. A bus load of Cavein-Rock people attended the service. Mrs. Mary Long Whitmore, of Metropolis, who has been employed as the landscape architect for the new community high school building was here Monday afternoon looking after matters relating to the planting of shrubs on the campus.

The following enjoyed a supper at the state park Tuesday evening: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marton, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Robbins, Mr.

and Mrs Walter Temperly, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dewey, Mr. and Mrs. Everett McConnell, and Mr.

and Mrs. Val Smith, Elizabethtown. Mr. and Mrs. John Devers and the Rev.

and Mrs. Hill, Norris City, were callers Sunday evening at the home of Mr. Devers' sister, Mrs. Tom Perry. The guests were looking for the Rev.

M. C. Holder, as they wished to engage him to assist in holding a meeting at Norris City soon. Mr. and Mrs.

Ray Oxford were among those who attended the teacher's meeting at Carbondale Thursday and Friday. They visited Mr. and Mrs. J. V.

Phillips while there. Mrs. Sallie Riggs has received a letter stating that Mrs. John Riggs, who has been at troit for the past several months is expecing to arrive for a' visit with relatives here the last of this week. Ewing Belt attended the district Athletic Institute held at Herrin, Friday and Mrs.

Belt and their daughter, Carla Fay acompanied him and visited Mr and Mrs. Enos Lane, at Marion. Their son, Kemplin, who had been visiting for the past week with his grandfather, Charlie Belt, at Saline Mines, accompanied them home, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.

Oscar Finley and family and Mrs. W. W. Winn visited Mr. Winn at Camp Cadiz, Sunday.

Mr. Winn has been a patient in the hospital for the past two weeks. He is recovering from his illness. Mr. and Mrs.

C. M. Starke, Louis, spent the week end at their summer home, near Cave-in-Rock. They attended court at Elizabethtown, Mrs. Belle Oxford visited from Wednesday until Sunday with Mr.

and Mrs. Clarence Flanery: at Marion, Ky. Mrs. India Flanery, who had been there for the past week returned home with Mrs. Oxford Sunday.

They visited Evansville and Princeton, during their stay at Marion. Mr. and Mrs. John Sturgeon and grandson, West Frankfort, and Mrs. Viola Lindsey and nephew, James Arthur Frailey, Chicago, visited Sunday with Mr and Mrs.

J. M. Underwood. Accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.

Underwood they called on rB.O derwood, they called on Mrs. Belle Oxford Sunday evening. Mrs. Wm. S.

Barger has been confined to her home by illnss for the past ten days, but is better this week. Mrs. Rachel Bennett, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Mary Devers, and other relatives. Dr.

W. G. Gregory returned Ability, Integrity Service F. Wood Lewis The Legislative Voters League, Impartial organization devoted to the interest of citizens and taxpayers, says of F. Wood Lewis, OUTSTANDINGLY USEFUL to the PEOPLE of the headed important Judiciary Committee and took a conspicuous part in debate on the floor of the House, where he showed his usual courage and independence; instrumental in securing enactment of his highly valuable bill which gives courts the power, the in case of a person driving a motor car recklessly or while intoxicated, to prohibit such persons from driving also put in a number of other important bills Mr.

LEWIS IS A FINE PUBLIC SERVANT." For Representative In General Assembly (48th District) F. WOOD LEWIS HARDIN COUNTY Sunday from Florida, where he Mrs. Gregory have been spending the winter, she having returned last week. Their last stopping place was Bradentown. Gregory is feeling well and had a fine trip home, he says.

The pet alligator, which they brought with them last year, from Florida made the round trip with them this year and is also at home again. It is growing slowly but noticeably. I. A. Coltrin, who has been confined to His room for the past ten days is able this week to be out on the streets again.

Two new additions have been made to the number who are employed on the Home Aide project in this vicinity. They are Mrs. Lawrence Davault and Mrs. Carrie Martin Robinson. The third birthday of Donna Kay McDowell was celebrated with a dinner at the home of Mr.

and Mrs. George C. McDowell, Route 2, Sunday. In addition to the family, those present were Mr. and Mrs.

Orval Hobbs and family, Cave-in-Rock, and Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Frailey and children and Mrs. John Frailey and children, from the Bend of the River.

Mrs. Anna Foster has recently received a letter from Mrs. Horace Foster, Eudora, telling of three recent deaths in her family. Her son-in-law, Frank Molt, died of tuberculosis, in Eudora, on February 16. Another son-in-law, Dr.

Henry Hart, of Memphis, died of cancer on February 21. Dr. Hart was a brother-in-law of the late Anna Foster and was here at the time fthe later's death. A few weeks after these deaths occurred Mrs Horace Foster was notified of the death of her brother, Frank Buck, of Evansville. The last named had many friends here.

MUSICIAN INJURED Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Purdue and son, Jimmie, Centralia, arrived Sunday for a visti with Mr.

and Mrs. R. C. Tyer near Cave-in-Rock. They expect to remain until Thursday.

Jimmy suffered a very painful accident Sunday after his arrival. He and his playmate, Connie De Graves, were cutting a fishing pole with Jimmy's new hatchet. Just as Connie was striking a blow with the hatchet, Jimmy took hold of the sapling and the blade struck his open hand. One finger was very badly cut on his right hand. He was taken to a Physician and several stitches were taken.

It is not only painful but unfortunate, due to the fact that he is to appear on a musical program at Centralia Thursday. He is a cornetist in the school band and is to play a solo. The Illinois State Fair poultry show is classed with the greatest of American poultry exhibits. INDEPENDENT I PARTY HELD IN HONOR OF B.B. TEAM A honor of the Cave-in-Rock grade school basketball teams, who won second place in the district tournament and were allowed to enter the state sectional tournament, was given Tuesday evening in the Methodist church basem*nt.

It was attended by the pupils of the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades, the grade teachhers and High school teachers, the members of the school board and, their wives, the parents of the boys on the teams and a few other invited guests. County Superinendent Clyde L. Flynn was also present and was the speaker of the evening. Letters were presented to the boys by Ulys Mason, a member of the school board. The first team is composed of the following members: Robert McConnell, captain, Roscoe Pickering, Herbert Oxford, Eugene Richeson, and James Reed Lantripp.

The second team players are: J. P. Jenkins, captain, Garcia Kaegi, Glenn Oxford, Herschel Oxford, and Gordon Brittain. Sandwiches, pickles, pie, cake, fruit salad, and hot chocolate weer served. CELEBRATED 9TH BIRTHDAY Miss Leatha Hurst, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. H. W. Hurst, Rosiclare, celebrated her 9th birthday, Tuesday, March 29, at a birthday party. About 20 boys and girls came to her home after school for the party.

Leatha had two birthday cakes one with candles, and another baked by Mrs. Percy Howard and decorated with "Happy The table for refreshments was set with fresh flowers for centerpiece and pink "Happy Birthday" napkins. Refreshments were served after which the many lovely gifts were opened. HURT IN UNUSUAL ACCIDENT Mrs. Martha Bishop, Cave-inRock, route 1 has a badly injured finger as the result of an accident which occurred on the grounds of Mt.

Zion church one night last week. She had just gotten out of the truck driven by her son, Ernest Bishop, and he had gotten out on the other side. She had her right hand in such a position that when he lowered the dump bed her little finger was caught under it and badly cut. She has been making trips to Cave-in-Rock for the purpose of having it dressed. MARRIAGES Mr.

and Mrs. E. Vaughan, Marion are announcing the marriage of their daughter, Virginia, to Arthur Byford on March 25, 1938. Their many friends wish them much happiness. checks 666 and FEVER COLDS Liquid, Tablets first day Salve, Nose Drops minutes Try "Rub-My-Tism" World's Best Liniment OHIO THEATRE CAVE-IN-ROCK, ILLINOIS Friday and Saturday, April 1 and 2 "Dodge City Trail" with CHARLES STARRETT and also the new singing Donald Grayson and Marion Weldon 6th Episode of the MYSTERIOUS PILOT" Comedy Admission 10 and 25c LUCILLE'S MARLO BEAUTY SHOP Will Be in Cave-in-Rock Every Friday Beginning March 18 at the home of Mrs.

Joe Frailey. PERMANENT each or 2 for $8.00 $3.50 each or 2 for $6.00 also $2.00 Permanents and' Permanent Ends $1.50 Shampoo Fingerwave 35c ALL WORK GUARANTEED ALL NEW SUPPLIES USED LUCILLE KOCH, Operator PAGE SEVEN A new idea in Custom ready-for-service prices Observer Worsteds 1 Tailored by Hart Schaffner Marx To the man who men's fashion magazines to the man who suitings, to the man way around town and finer things of life, server Worsteds follows the better quite closely, likes custom-type who knows his appreciates the are these new Obdedicated. at $35.00 You'll Hove No Trouble here Selecting those Easter Togs You'll find here the Latest Things for Men and Boys Suits (Hundreds To Fine Shirts Neckware IF YOU WANT THAT SPECIAL MEASUREMENT WHERE EXPERINCE $15 up NOTICE: COLOR FOR BALLOTS Announcement is hereby made that the Colors of the Primary Ballots to be used at a Primary Election to be held in the County of Hardin and State of Illinois, on the twelfth day of April, A. D. 1938, by the respective parties will be as follows: Republican Party, Blue.

Democratic Party, Cherry. Dated the 18th day of March, A. D. 1938. -A.

H. WOOTTON, County Clerk EAT in the Cave-in-Rock Methodist Church Basem*nt on ELECTION DAY Dinner or lunch served by the Ladies Aid Serving Begins at 11:00 a.m. Supper Also Served J. L. HOSICK FUNERAL DIRECTOR Dependable Reasonable ELIZABETHTOWN, ILL.


Hardin County Independent from Elizabethtown, Illinois (2024)
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